Friday, June 11, 2010

Sneak Peek: Cricut Lite Cartridges coming this July

As mentioned before, Provo Craft will be releasing 100 new Cricut cartridges this year! Coming July 1st, there will be "Cricut Lite" cartridges sold exclusively by Walmart. Did I mention 24 lite cartridges will be released at one time?! My wallet needs a lock and I need to throw away the key! Here are my must haves!
B is for Boy
Block Party
Chore Chart
Hoot n' Holler
Live Simply
Slumber Party
Sugar and Spice
Images: Provo Craft

What is the difference between a Full Cricut and Cricut Lite cartridge? A "Full Cricut" cartridge contains 6 creative feature keys and can hold up to 600+ images. A "Cricut Lite" cartridge contains 1 creative feature key (layers) and can hold up to 50+ images.

Some Walmarts are stocking their shelves with Cricut Lites already! I am hitting my first Walmart this Sunday! Can't wait to get my hands on these and work on some fun projects! Stay tuned!

Update: I'm missing Hoot n' Holler from my must haves!


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